Romy Fernandez
People skating on the Amsterdam canals. 03/02/2018
Demonstration Human wave for solidarity and humanity, Brussels. 02/25/2018
Rose Monday Parade, Dusseldorf. 02/12/2018
Demonstration "Stop Turkish Invasion in Afrin", The Hague. 02/10/2018
Geert Wilders and his far-Right Party for Freedom (PVV) held a demonstration, Rotterdam. 01/20/2018
Thousands of Belgians rally for Théo Franken's resignation, Brussels. 01/13/2018
Nijmegen began flooded because of the river water levels rise. 07/01/2018
The traditional New Year's dive on the beach of Spiegelwaal, Nijmegen. 01/01/2018
Demonstration against Jerusalem as capital of Israel, The Hague. 12/12/2017
Krampus Run, Munich. 12/10/2017
Cold weekend, Munich. 12/10/2017
Pegida and Anti-Pegida groups confrontation, Nijmegen. 11/26/2017.
Opening Festive Season, Amsterdam. 11/16/2017
Anonymous Million Mask March, Amsterdam. 11/05/2017
St.Martin's Day parade, Utrecht. 11/04/2017
Zombie Walk, Arnhem. 10/26/2017
Protest for an access to abortion rights everywhere in Europe, Brussels. 09/28/2017
Corso Flower Parade, Zundert. 09/03/2017
Redhead Days Festival, Breda. 09/02/2017
35th edition of Balloon Festival, Barneveld. 08/19/2017
International Four Days Marches, Nijmegen. 07/20/2017
Anti-G20 protest march, Hamburg. 07/08/2017
Ratha Yatra, Rotterdam. 06/25/2017
Holy Blood Procession in Boxmeer. 06/18/2017
Keti Koti month, Amsterdam. 06/01/2017
Massive protest against Trump, Brussels. 05/24/2017
3rd edition of the Dog Parade 010, Rotterdam. 05/20/2017
Liberation day parade, Wageningen. 05/05/2017
International Worker's Day demonstration, Amsterdam. 05/01/2017
Women's march, Amsterdam. 01/21/2017