Romy Fernandez
This was my second photographic personal project. The tittle, "52weeks 52songs", means one photo per week inspired by a song. These songs are selected because they have had an important impact in different moments of my life. I tried to translate into photographs the images that they created in my mind. This project was a really personal challenge to me.
Week 1: Alive and Kicking. During my whole life I have always felt I was waging a battle, since having a very complicated childhood, a father who didn't behave as such and harmed my family, my mother suffering a cancer, the rupture of my parents, the decease of my maternal grandma who I was very attached to, till the tragedy that marked me forever: my mother's second cancer that took me away from her 7 years ago. At this point in my life I already learnt that this is an endless battle and that this is a constant fight. Because of that, 'although I keep being beaten I keep standing up', or, as the ' Simple Minds' song says 'Alive and Kicking'.
Week 2: Black Hole Sun. What would happen if we all showed ourselves just as we are, if there weren't any secrets in our lifes, if we didn't believe we could stop the time, if we avoided to put on a mask each time we go out, if we didn't allow the rutine to kill our soul? What would happen if a "Black Hole Sun" took away all our lies and misfortunes? Would be perhaps able to be at peace with ourselves?. Black hole sun by Soundgarden.
Week 3: Globe Trekker Theme. As far as I remember, there was something inside of me that made me think that I didn't belong to the country where I was born. Along with time this it just got stronger, turning into an uprooting feeling, so when I had the chance I tried to find jobs in different places. This song was always in my 'Discman', in the single and only backpack that I always carried with me, wherever I went... It has been a few years now...and this week it turned a year since I finally left my country. Sincerely I still don't feel I have reached my final destination, but there is still a whole world to discover and the journey has just begun. Globe Trekker Theme song.
Week 4: Fun For Me. Do you know what is fun for me? Dreaming awake... I've been doing it since I was a child and in fact I'm starting to think that it's kind of a gift. A gift that allows me to get away from reality when I don't like what it offers to me or simply it's awful enough to want to go away from it. So you know that, when you see me standing, staring into space, just leave me alone, it's almost sure that I'm having some fun... Fun for me by Moloko.
Week 5: Hurricane. Sometimes, you feel like you're in a Hurricane, with all your thoughts dancing around you, confusing you, making you feeling sick. Sometimes, you just need to exorcise all these negatives and dark thoughts. Hurricane by MS MR.
Week 6: Rushing. Always rushing, running from one place to another, to the school, to the university, to your work...and the more you run, the faster the time goes. It's curious how when you look at the clock, time seems to stand still... When I listen this song, that is the only thing that I want to do, stop me and let the clock keep running... Rushing by Moby.
Week 7: You oughta know. This photo is dedicated to all these people who try to fuck people's lives. You oughta know that although you had hurt me a lot, and you almost destroyed me as a person. I'll never forget you and I'll never forgive you. Each day I remember you, and these words that you see in the photo are the words that repeat in my mind. You already oughta know that I'm stronger than you. You oughta know by Alanis Morissette.
Week 8: Sex on fire. For this photo, the title and lyrics of the song talk by themselves ... Sex on fire by Kings of Leon.
Week 9: Bohemian like you. And I'm feeling so bohemian like you,... I'm feeling like I can do everything that I want, on my way! And it feels so good!!! so free!!! So...yes I'm feeling so bohemian Like You, and you? Are you dare?. Bohemian like you by The Dandy Warhols.
Week 10: Breathe me. There are so many times in that you feel alone…and the reality is that at the end, we’re alone to confront all the complicated situations, but make no mistake, that it doesn’t meaning that you can’t overcome them, because you know what? At the end you’re the strongest. Breathe me by Sia.
Week 11: Shaking the tree. This song always reminds me the strength and the power that there is inside all women. But this is not about the power over the men or vice versa, this is about the power of all living being, and how important that it’s for ‘shaking the tree’ we must to be united. Shaking the tree by Peter Gabriel.
Week 12: A girl like you. ‘I’ve never known a girl like you before’, that is the sentence that I’ve heard during my whole life…not always in a good way,anyway… But this song recalls me all about sensuality, and how some persons can be really sensual, without even they don’t know it. So, let’s be that person that they didn’t know before. A girl like you by Edwyn Collins.
Week 13: In the waiting line. ‘In the waiting line’, is that place where you need to stop and take a look around, and is in that moment when you feel that everything runs in slow motion and there is nothing that you can do just stay ‘in the waiting line’… In the waiting line by Zero 7.
Week 14: Fix you. It was 2005, in the morning with a great and amazing sun in the sky like each morning in that summer. I was working in the Pyrennes, Spain as a waitress in a little and beautiful restaurant with a terrace. Each morning when I began to set up the terrace, I always listened this song with an enormous sun over my head! The sun and this song were all the energy that I needed it. What a wonderful way to get started!. Fix you by Coldplay.
Week 15: Bittersweet symphony.
Week 16: Summertime sadness. Sometimes I feel the nostalgia of other summer times, which for me were nicer. Maybe the reason of that was because I enjoyed with my whole family. Summers always have been the favourite times during my childhood. I always felt happy then. So, although I feel ‘summertime sadness’, I need to feel that other better summer times are coming. Summertime sadness by Lana del Rey.
Week 17: Slumdog Millionaire. Five years ago, on an April 26th, we were at my home watching a movie: it was obviously ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. That is the reason of this song. Five years ago you gave me a kiss, and at this moment I knew that it was the begining of a beautiful story… to be continued. Paper planes by MIA.
Week 18: Teardrop. Have you ever thought how many tears have you shed along your life? Maybe it’s time to turn off the tap and not to spill more salt water…. Teardrop by Massive Attack.
Week 19: Black Coffee. This song brings me back really good times, moments that I would like to keep forever. Haven’t you ever wished you could freeze a moment? Luckily all those moments keep deep inside of me… Black Coffee by All Saints.
Week 20: Connected. This week (May 16th) was your birthday, and after seven birthdays without you, it’s still very hard. For that, is very obviously that the photo of this week is for you. Because all days I keep remembering you. I know that this song was one of your favourites…so, Happy Birthday mom. Connected by Stereo MC'S.
Week 21: All I wanna do. ‘All I wanna do’…. Well, that is a simple question with too many answers! The real question is, will I be able to do everything?, at the moment I think that I’m gonna need a few more walls… Meanwhile, maybe I can have some fun with this song and my thoughts. All I wanna do by Sheryl Crow.
Week 22: How we operate. How we operate…. It makes me think of how I’m able to face different situations It makes me think how I’m gonna act… And sometimes I feel like my head is just going to explode… Ok, I think I need sometime of relax or I’m gonna lose my head!. How we operate by Gomez.
Week 23: All I need. Life has its ups and downs, that is the reason why we need to find a balance in our lifes. When I listen to this song, it makes me feel like ‘All I need’ is to find a little sign to get my life into balance… All I need by Air.
Week 24: The Curse. This beautiful song reminds me that sometimes I’ve to listen to the souls of my loved ones, who they gave me the best advices about how to live my life. Maybe ‘The Curse’ is that we can’t hear them anymore… The Curse by Agnes Obel.
Week 25: Rome wasn’t built in a day. All things take time to create, you must be strong, patient, believe in yourself and you never never to give up, because photography is a long path that’s well worth walking and at the end you’ll see the results of your hard work and how the camera becomes a part of you…(literally). Like I always said, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day…’. Rome wasn’t built in a day by Morcheeba.
Week 26: Criminal. Don’t you feel as a ‘Criminal’, when the life requires you to kill your childhood, to mature faster…and leave behind all your dreams because suddenly you’re no longer a child? Don’t worry, no teddy bear was injured during the photoshoot. Criminal by Fional Apple.
Week 27: Nothing really matters. Nothing really matters, it’s a simple sentence but with a lot of meaning. No matter what others say or do, while at the end we have ourselves. Respect yourself. Nothing really matters by Madonna.
Week 28: Four in the morning. Four in the morning, and you can’t sleep…maybe you could light a candle for each concern you have, and see that perhaps there are not so many…so just extinguish all candles and go back to bed, tomorrow will be another day… Four in the morning by Ivy.
Week 29: Sunrise. Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset…that is how my week was, a long but really funny week full of work…, but now I’m feeling so exhausted, that I think that I’m just gonna listen this song lying in my bed, and please don’t wake me up…. Sunrise by Norah Jones.
Week 30: Wonderwall. This song is dedicated to all those people that are around you, supporting you, it doesn’t matter if they are not your family…what really matters is that those people are there in good and in bad times. Thanks for being my ‘Wonderwall’!. Wonderwall by Oasis.
Week 31: Take a bow. Destruction, Injustice, Corruption, Epidemics, Wars, Politicians, Poverty … All this makes me think about where I will be the day that all this comes to an end … Take a bow by Muse.
Week 32: Fly Away. ‘I wish that I could fly…Into the sky… So very high…’ If I just could rise my arms and fly away…! How amazing would be that! Or maybe I just need a holidays… Fly away by Lenny Kravitz.
Week 33: The whole world. Okay, here we go… Cause the whole world, loves it when you are the main character of your own life… When everything looks like is turning around you… Let the world keeps spinning, at some point, the curtain will come down…and everybody will forget your name…in this play. The whole world by Outkast.
Week 34: Crystal. One of the first times that I listened to this song was during one of my favourite holidays. It was in the capital of UK, London, at one of the Virgin’s store in Piccadilly Circus. It was at that moment when I fell in love with the English culture, its tradition, its lifestyle, etc… But one of the most important things of these holidays was that they were the last ones with my mum. Crystal by New Order.
Week 35: Celebrity Skin. Underneath all that makeup, all these shining jewellery, fancy clothes, expensive mansions and sport cars… Everybody may have the same ‘celebrity skin’… Don’t you think so?. Celebrity skin by Hole.
Week 36: Smoke on the water. Why is this song for this photo?, it’s really easy, because today is my birthday and always when is my birthday I like to remember good moments of my childhood. I remember the good music that always sounded in my house, like this group and so many more like Queen, Peter Gabriel, Dire Straits… And of course, I’ve always wanted to remake again this photo!. Smoke on the water by Deep Purple.
Week 37: Beautiful day. Sometimes, you don’t need the sun shining in the sky to have a ‘Beautiful day, not all clouds are bad… Beautiful day by U2.
Week 38: Like a feather. “And when I set it free like a feather it will be And when I rise to see it done like whatever it will be it will be…” Sometimes I feel the future like a feather without a destiny… Maybe it’s time to write one!. Like a feather by Nikka Costa.
Week 39: We didn't start the fire. Sch…..don’t tell anybody but… We didn’t start the fire, It was always burning! Now the difference is that people doesn’t shut up! So get up and try to fight it. We didn't start the fire by Billy Joel.
Week 40: Sweet home Alabama. Since I left my country, I’ve a lot of moments that I miss little things of there… When you left your country nobody tells you about these kind of things… I guess some days are better than others… Well, at least I keep in my mind a couple or more the good moments with amazing people… Sweet home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Week 41: You gotta be. ou gotta be so many things…strong, brave, wise, etc… But at the end of the day you just need to be your own reflection. You gotta be by Des'ree.
Week 42: Head over heels. I chose this song, because it’s on a soundtrack of a great and strange movie that I love, and whenever I see it, it makes me think about a lot of things…even in time travels…It calls ‘Donnie Darko’ So I’m just gonna leave some quotes from the movie, and they’re also my favourites… Just think about it and watch the movie! “I guess some people are just born with tragedy in their blood.” “She said that every living creature on Earth dies alone.” “Life is one long insane trip. Some people just have better directions.” “You’re not a bitch. You’re bitchin, but you’re not a bitch.” “And what if you could go back in time and take all those hours of pain and darkness and replace them with something better?” “Destruction is a form of creation.” Head over heels by Tears for Fears.
Week 43: Learn to fly. This song probably represents, maybe the best time in my whole life. My epoca as a student in the School of arts of Zaragoza. There I grew up as a person, I learned to trust in myself, to defend my own ideals…and so many other important things, also I met with so many extraordinary people, but probably two of those people meant a lot to me, so the photo and the song of this week is dedicated to Alfredo and Marta. Learn to fly by Foo Fighters.
Week 44: What's in a word. 8 years since I lost you…(05/16/1953 – 11/02/2006) I wish I had just one day to celebrate instead of two… Unfortunately always in these days , I remember everything…but this year I’ll try to remember too the good things… So, obviously the song and the photo of this week is for you. I know that this group it was one of your favourites, enjoy it wherever you are and happy day of the dead! (it was an important day for us and we always celebrated). What's in a word by The Christians.
Week 45: Money for nothing. Money dominates the world We need it for almost everything… So, don’t let that money dominates your life. At the end….’money for nothing’. Money for nothing by Dire Straits.
Week 46: Dancing on the ceiling. Since I was a child, always that I listen to this song, I just want to make something fun. Sometimes even I could imagine myself ‘dancing on the ceiling’… It’s just another way to forget all my concerns and problems…and you know, just have a little fun!. Dancing on the ceiling by Lionel Richie.
Week 47: Drive. Don’t let the fear take the wheel of your own life Write your own destiny and drive your own life… Drive by Incubus.
Week 48: Song 2. A great song and of course a classic of the 90’s music, that reminds how cool was the music in those times…. For sure, a song to lose control… Song to by Blur.
Week 49: It takes a fool to remain sane. I really love this song! It makes me think about to be yourself… Not matter what…not matter if the people say ‘it takes a fool to remain sane’, because maybe just maybe they’re right…. It takes a fool to remain sane by The Ark.
Week 50: Ready to go. This song as in life, always remind me that wherever you are, at any time… You always must be ready! You never know what is coming and for sure that life is a long long way… Ready to go by Republica.
Week 51: Dog days are over. The year is almost done, I think that is time to put all the bad vibes, all the regrets, the sadness, under lock. And just throw away the key, and don’t look back… Because you know what? the ‘dog days are over’…it’s time to start again!. Dog days are over by Florence + The Machine.
Week 52: Don't worry be happy. This song is my life’s philosophy or at least what I try! Life is sometimes easy and sometimes hard, but what it’s really important in this life is to be happy and don’t worry, because tomorrow and after tomorrow the sun will rise again and again… Don't worry be happy by Bobby Mc Ferrin.