Romy Fernandez
From March 2020, Nijmegen. I started taking photos of our life the day after my partner starts to work from home in March. He works in a company that is located in Brabant, which is the 'hot point' of the Covid-19 in The Netherlands. Most of the companies there ordered work from home even before The Prime Minister, Mark Rutte may advise working from home. As Spanish living abroad, the whole situation has caused a big impact on our lives and our routines.
First time watching Spanish news television.
First days working from home and canceling all the events that I had to shoot.
The new reality, watching hands every time we make groceries.
Talking with the family, via Skype.
Thinking about the future.
Starting to make some bakkery.
Ricardo started feeling ill.
By the night, he became pretty ill, with high fever, around 40ºC.
He felt very tired.
I decided to sleep on the couch, by this point we were pretty sure that it was Covid-19.
Checking the temperature...we were in contact with the Corona hotline support.
Staying active while Ricardo was feeling still very tired.
Keeping an eye on his temperature to inform the Corona hotline support via phone.
Ricardo feeling better, so time to start baking again.
Just in case, Ricardo decided not to go outside, and make quarentine.
Spending a lot of afternoons at home to keep safe.
Working from home has its advantages.
Taking some photos of the beautiful neighbor's cat.
Looking from the window how people try to follow the Corona rules.
Trying to figure out what to do...
In order, to avoid going to many times to the supermarket, our fridge looks full of food.
Beard is just kept growing.
Our shoes have been taking some free time.
Looking outside from the inside.
Photos in color because by this time we were at the end of the first wave.
But still, not traveling to Spain this year to walk the Camino de Santiago.
But trekking around the province.
Working from home has its advantages. A nap after breakfast, before getting to work.
I repeated the same photo that I took four months later, (second photo).
A newspaper outside of a store, showing the spread of the virus in the country.
A heatwave arrived in The Netherlands.
New Corona measures, mouth masks on public transport.
Watching the press conference that masked the start of the second wave, and a partial lockdown.
Black and white again, the second wave is coming...
Going to Germany buy German flour, which is much better and stronger than Dutch flour to keep making bread.
Mad Max Marathon weekend, sounded great during a partial lockdown because of a pandemic.
Partner in crime, now also my partner in our office at home.
Because of the strict lockdown in the Netherlands, we had just received at home Ricardo's Christmas box from his company.
Talking with his mom, after one of his best friends told him that a very close familiar has just passed away because of Corona.
Celebrating New Year's entry in a different way.