Romy Fernandez
The Metworst Racing is an ancient horse race that is held on Monday Carnival, in Boxmeer. The oldest regulations date from 1740 when the Metworst association was created to preserve this old horse race. According to the tradition, there was a Lady Aleida that in the 15th century got off the road with her carriage during her weekly driving tour. Boxer's 'fertility riders' came to her aid with their horses and helped her on her way again. As a thank you for their help, the lady taxed one of her farms in Vortum-Mullem with an annual inheritance tax: a seven-ounce long sausage, a weigh and a loaf, two barrels of beer and half a pig's head. Just can participate, young apprentices which means unmarried boys, born, raised and living there.
Almost 4 am, a group of men part of the Metworst association gathers in a bar where they blow their bugles for the first time in the morning.
Nina JILESEN's home is the first place that the buglers visit to wake up the patroness of the Metworst.
The second place that the buglers wake up is the current King's, ROY VAN ECK 24, home.
The buglers are always very welcome inside the current King's home.
In the middle of the centre of the city, the buglers keep blowing their horns to wake up the people.
'De Piek' bar is the place where the buglers and some of the public are waiting for the jockeys.
Around 7:15 am the jockeys are ready to leave Boxmeer and walk to Vortums Veld.
The current King with the rest of the jockeys, pass in front of the Richie Hotel where the buglers blow their horns for the last time to honour them before the race.
The beer wagon called 'De Gekkekar' has the faculty to attract the curiosity of the people.
A woman holding her baby is watching the jockeys passing by in front of her home early in the morning.
An old man seems happy to watch the procession with 'De Gekkekar' and the jockeys passing by in front of his home.
When the jockeys arrive to the place of the ride, the first thing that they do is check their horses.
Some of the young horses are very excited to start and also some nervous because of the presence of too many people around them.
Before the race takes place, there is a lottery where the jockeys discover the order in which they will compete.
. Two old men are waiting for the race to start, they are not using costumes, but a scarf with the typical colours of the Carnival in this region.
BART DE KORT 24, is leading the second race of the day.
STAN TUNNISSEN 15, is one of the debutants this year.
SEM WOLTERS 12, is the youngest of the debutants, his father was King of De Metworst in 1989.
After the three rounds, the jockeys with their horses and teams go back to the start line, where the elimination rounds will take place.
During the elimination rounds, the finalists will be select and they will compete for the King's title during the last race.
The three finalists start the last race.
An annual inheritance tax: a seven-ounce long sausage, a weigh and a loaf, two barrels of beer and half a pig's head. Until today these goods are still the prize that the King receives from the Association.
When the jockeys and the winner are on their way back to Boxmeer, people are waiting on the streets to receive him for the first time as 'King of the Metworst'.
GIJS SNIJDERS 19, won the title of King this year. This is the highest honour that can be achieved in Boxmeer.