Romy Fernandez
Schiedam, The Netherlands. 3rd June, 2016. On Monday, May 30th Mitchel Winters (21) was shot dead by a policeman in the Beatrix Park in Schiedam, The Netherlands. Initially it was announced that he was an armed robber, but this was later found not to be true. Now it is claimed that Mitchell would have provoked his death. In the three days following his death the news from the Public Prosecution Service as well as the Dutch media surrounding Mitchel is both contradictory and confusing. with this protest they demand the truth around the whole issue.
The family of Mitchel Winters was present during the Demonstration
Mitchel Winter's family marched to the front of the March.
The march walking around the Beatrix Park on her way to the place where Mitchel was shot dead.
The family members of Mitchel were lived really hard moments.
People observed a minute's silence in memory of Mitchel Winters