Romy Fernandez
November 19th, Amsterdam. With more than a kilometre of floats and boats, Amsterdam hosts the largest Saint Nicholas parade in the world. Sinterklaas sails into town on a Sunday mid-November with 600 Pieten and plenty of pepernoten (small spiced biscuits), welcomed by upwards of 400,000 spectators who line the canals. The white-bearded legend traditionally makes his spectacular entrance into the city by sailing down the Amstel River and following a route through the city past the Nieuwe Amstelbrug, Torontobrug, the Hoge Sluis by the Royal Theatre Carré and the Magere Brug. The parade ended in the center of the town, at the Dam square, where thousands of children were wainting for "the white-bearded legend".
Sinterklaas making his spectacular entrance into the city by sailing down the Amstel River.
This year around 400 "Black Pietes". They were wearing brightly colored suits and wigs with semi-long, dark brown wavy hair. According to Pam Evenhuis, the spokesman for the Sint in Amsterdam, the Pete’s should look like Spanish noblemen from the sixteenth century.
The children waiting for the arrival of Sinterklaas, and the candies given by the "Black Pietes".
This year besides candies, the children could enjoy of some fruit.
Sinterklaas arriving to tend of his route, at the Dam square.
With the Mayor of Amsterdam, Eric van der Burg.