Romy Fernandez
May 1st, Brussels. A series of festivities are held throughout the week to celebrate 150 years of the tram. On Wednesday, a large parade brought together more than 40 trams of all eras, tracing their history from the horse-drawn trams of the first years to the trams 3,000 and 4,000 that circulate today in the streets of Brussels. The Tram Museum mobilized more than a hundred volunteers to run the Trams Parade. Also, some ten historic vicinal vehicles from all over the country, including a steam tram, were exhibited on Place Royale. But the star of this exhibition was the model of the new TNG tram (the New Generation Tram), currently under construction and whose first copies will circulate on the streets of Brussels in 2020.
A steam tram was working during the whole day at the Place Royale.