Romy Fernandez
This convention and exhibition is being organized by Amsterdam Tattoo Convention BRME, and took place at The Amsterdam RAI, that is uniquely situated a mere 12 minutes from the city and offers a total exhibition area of 108,150 m² with a capacity up to 1,750 people. From 29 May 2015, Friday to 31 May 2015, Sunday, tattoo artists from all over the world gathered for the 11th edition, which was a massive success. The artists kept on working in stunning artwork on the skin during the whole Convention. We could see a lot of great talent, from United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Australia, Greece, Switzerland, Japan,Italy which was one of the countries with more presence, and so many more.
Cryptic Tattoo
Fair and Square
TFB Clothing
De Snorrensalon & De Krullensalon
Atelier no Name
Green Sky Tattoo
Samuel Christensen
Stigma Studio
Lovinkit Tattoo
Cryptic Tattoo
Fresh Up Tattoo
Jim's Tattoo Studio
Olman Ancient Tattoo
Gino Fuchs
Tradition 180
Hirurg Art
Zoi Tattoo
Wanted Tattoo