Romy Fernandez
June 1st, Amsterdam. 1 July 1863 marked freedom for the Surinamese from slavery. Nowhere is that more celebrated than in Amsterdam, home to a thriving Surinamese community and host to the Keti Koti Festival. Keti Koti, meaning 'Broken Chains' in Surinamese, is a free celebration of liberty, equality and solidarity. Ket Koti traditionally is opening with a memorial procession called Memre Waka, around the canal houses of Amsterdam which have a slavery history. The tour ends with word ancestor worship, and the proclamation of the Keti Koti-month at the plaque for ambstwoning (official residence) of the Mayor of Amsterdam on the Herengracht 502 street.
At the Amsterdam Museum.
Mr. Roy Groenberg alias Kaikusi, Chairman of the Foundation St Eer en Herstel, and director of the Amsterdam Museum (in the past, Historic Museum).
Diana Ferrus, is a writer, poet, performance poet and story-teller. Her work in both Afrikaans and English has been published in various collections and some serve as prescribed texts for high school learners.
Gideon Everduim giving a powerful speech.
Linda Nooitmeer.