Romy Fernandez
December 10th, Munich. About 300 masked beings frighten passers by during the big traditional run of the Krampusses around the Munich Christmas Market. The 500 year long tradition of the Krampus Run dates back to Christian folklore and the stories of the Bishop Nicholas and his companion. The run takes place at Munich Christmas Market and features members of Munich’s first ever Krampus group (the Sparifankerl Pass). These figures date back to pagan celebrations of December 22, the longest night of the year, that were later adopted for Christmas. Together, the Krampus like figures and the bishop St. Nicholas, held a kind of judgment day for children, where the punishments for being naughty were much more severe than a lump of coal.
Around 300 Krampusses arriving to the Christmas Market.
Getting some rest before the event started.
Press photoshoot with the Krampus group The Sparifankerl Pass.
Tom Bierbaumer, president of the Krampus group The Sparifankerl Pass.