Romy Fernandez
August 1st, 2020. Due to the current situation, about 40 percent of Netherlands residents who are going on holiday this year are not leaving the country. Because of that, more and more people are trying new hobbies like making bread. Flour and yeast shortages have hit stores all over the country, and social media is full of photos with sourdough starters, and home bakers.
Refreshing the sourdough.
Stirring the sourdough.
Checking the sourdough
Next day, calculating the quantity of Italian white flour that is necessary to elaborate Italian bread at home
A bowl is full of Italian white flour + salt.
Mixing the dry ingredients
Adding the dry mixture to the wet mixture.
Spreading olive oil in a bowl
Spreading olive oil in a bowl.
Transferring the dough into the large mixing bowl.
Checking the temperature of the dough.
Folding the dough.
Counting the dough in three loaves.
Counting the dough in three loaves.
Ready to go to the oven.
Removing from the oven three loaves of Italian bread.
Three loaves of Italian bread, also called Ciabatta elaborated at home.