Romy Fernandez
February 19th, The Hague. Again thousands of Dutch farmers under the motto 'all brakes off' are protesting against the measures proposed to cut down on nitrogen emissions at the Malieveld, in The Hague. The Mesdag Fund has instructed the University of Amsterdam to start a three-year study into the precipitation of nitrogen in nature reserves and to find out exactly where nitrogen emissions from livestock farms end up. After several meetings with the Dutch government, farmers keep waiting for a solution of the nitrogen problem. The nitrogen debate in the Lower House will take place early on the morning of February 20th.
Mark Van Den Oever from Farmers Defence Force.
Mark Van Den Oever from Farmers Defence Force.
Jaco Geurts and Maurits von Martels from the Christian-democratic political party CDA.
Thierry Baudet, leader of the right-wing political party FVD.