Romy Fernandez
November 26th, The Hague. The organizations, LGBT Asylum Support and RozeLinks together with also many LHBTI asylum seekers and supporters presented the #NietGayGenoeg 2.0 petition to the Committee on Justice and Security, in The Hague. The State Secretary promised that the work instruction used to assess LHBTI asylum seekers would be changed. But in practice, these organizations are not seeing this promise be realized, in fact, the LHBTI asylum seekers are still rejected by the IND (The Immigration and Naturalisation Service, Dutch) and even by judges on terms such as 'awareness-raising process' and 'self-acceptance'.
Attje Kuiken, from the politcal party PvDa and Bram van Ojik, from the political party GroenLinks.
Sandro Kortekaas, from Niet Gay Genoeg organization.