Romy Fernandez
April 26th, Brussels. On the day that commemorates the 33rd anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, a protest was organized by the “Fin du nucléaire” and Réveil Anti-Nucléaire” associations, as well as director Bouli Lanners. They are concerned about the fact that two reactor’s tanks have thousands of cracks and another three reactors are over 40 years old, for that they want that the five most dangerous Belgian reactors to be shut down. The protesters met at the Gare du Nord and from there they walked to the Engie-Electrabel HQ. After arriving, they lied on the ground for a minute to evoke the consequences of a nuclear accident. The start and end of the protest were signaled by a siren and a megaphone.
Bouli Lanners, Belgian actor, author and film director and one of the organizators of the protest.
Activists in front of the Engie HQ, in Brussels.
Engie HQ surrounded by Belgian police during the demonstration.