Romy Fernandez
January 13th, Brussels. In Brussels, around 8000 people gathered against Belgium's asylum and migration minister Theo Francken. After he ordered asylum seekers be returned to Sudan, where they say they fear for their lives. People are asking for his resign. Some politicians have suggested that the migration secretary, Theo Francken, the leader who invited the Sudanese officials to Belgium, should consider stepping down over his handling of the matter. Francken has said he has no plans to resign after appearing to mislead Parliament by telling lawmakers, incorrectly, after the allegations emerged that no further deportations were planned.
Around 8000 people gathered at the Noord train station in Brussels to protest against Theo Francken.
Some of the children living in the Le Petit-Château, which in 1986 it was converted into a reception centre for asylum-seekers. They were curious about what was happening outside.
The demonstration ended at the Plaine de Jeux Nouveau Marche aux Grains, closer to the Place de la Bourse.