Romy Fernandez
The International Four Days Marches, called "Vierdaagse" in Nijmegen have grown into the largest multi-day walking event in the world, more than 42,000 participants, (that include Armed Forces from other countries, like Canadian, England, German, France, Spain, etc.) walk for four days in Nijmegen and its surroundings. Depending on their age and sex, they walk a total of 120, 160 or 200 kilometers towards the Via Gladiola. This year, it's the 101st edition and the official amount of walkers registered was 50 403.
1st Day, the day of Elst.
2nd Day, the day of Wijchen.
This day is also called "Roze Woensdag" or "Pink Wednesday"
3rd Day, the day of Groesbeek.
Also this route is known because of his seven hills, which they are always a challenge for the walkers.
The route stopped along the Canadian military cemetery, where the military participants commemorated their colleagues from the Second World War during an impressive ceremonial gathering.
4th and last day, the day of Cuijk.
During this last day the walkers cross the "Pontoon bridge", a bridge that each year is created for this event over the Maas river.
The final kilometers are at the Via Gladiola street, where as tradition everybody carry gladiolus and are welcome by the relatives and partners.
The finish line at the Wedren.
Taking some rest after four days of marches, at the Wedren.