Romy Fernandez
February 22nd, Nijmegen. The Bombing of Nijmegen was an unplanned bombing attack by American aircraft on the city of Nijmegen in The Netherlands on 22 February 1944. During this Allied mistake bombing, almost 800 people were killed and a large part of the city center of Nijmegen was destroyed. Every February 22nd an official commemoration has take place at the Raadhuishof, the location where the Montessori school was located, where 24 children and 8 sisters were killed. There is a monument called "De Schommel" was erected remembers the raid's civilian casualties.
Hubert Bruls, Mayor of Nijmegen.
State secretary, Paul Blokhuis.
Shawn Crowly Deputy Chief of Mission from the American Embassy.
Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam.
Mayor of Berg en Dal, Mark Slinkman.