Romy Fernandez
The world-famous production of Royal de Luxe makes its Dutch premiere in the European Capital of Culture. Over the course of three days, these towering giants walk the streets of Leeuwarden and provide an unforgettable experience with their 'Big Skate in the Ice' show. Royal de Luxe is one of the most famous French companies throughout the world. The term "street company" has been attached to its name since its creation, in 1979. The company flies around the world with their impressive Giants, puppets several meters high and taller than the buildings around them. The event was one of the major highlights of the European Capital of Culture 2018 programme.
First day, 17th August. The Little Girl Giant taking a nap before start.
The Diver getting ready to coming out of the water.
The little Girl Giant, is made of steel, poplar and lime wood, 5.50m high and weighing no less than 800kg.
She likes to welcome children on her forearms to make them play on the swims.
The Diver, weighs 3 tonnes and is 11 metres high.
His eyes are powered by small engines and are made from street lights.
Leeuwarden – Friesland 2018 has been awarded the title of European Capital of Culture 2018 based on a so-called ‘bidbook’. The programme in 2018 reflects the urgencies of an agricultural region, where the city and countryside, native and newcomer must work together.
Jean-Luc Courcoult , director of Royal de Luxe.
Taking a nap after the first day of performance in Leeuwarden.
Second day, August 18th. The Xolo is a Mexican dog, which the Aztec people consider a sacred animal.
He can reach a speed of nearly six kilometres per hour. He weighs 350 kilos and is nearly three meters tall.
This impressive Giant is made from poplar and lime wood.
He walks at 2 kilometers per hour
The Diver also performed an impressive maneuver to cross a bridge in the city.
Third day, August 19th. Twenty people are needed to bring him to life.
The diver's hair is made from horse hair and his browns from broom straw.
In between 'rest moments' , the Giants sleep and snore.
Father and daughter finally reunited.
Around 1000 people were contributing to the entire production.
The Little Girl is handled by about 20 Lilliputians.
Around thirty people are needed to make him move.
The municipality estimates that a total of around 425 thousand people came to see the giants.
In their third and last performance, they marveled the people with a very spectacular performance that took place along the canals of the city.