Romy Fernandez
Labour Day demonstrations Brussels. 05/01/2018
April 27th, Boxtel. Every King's Day the giant "Jas de Keistamper" and his girlfriend the giantess "Hanne mi de moor" appear at the market place in Boxtel. Jas is more than 11 feet tall. There is no other giant in The Netherlands whose heavy body and head are carried by a strong man. In 1393, Boxtel was the only place in Noord-Brabant to have a paved road. This was part of the connection between 's-Hertogenbosch, Boxtel, Eindhoven and Liege. All the boulders had to be tamped with a boulder rammer and this required giant force. As a result of this legend, in 1949 during the reconstruction, the giant Jas de Keistamper was born. He is the personification of the cobblestone profession and symbolizes the perseverance of Boxtelaren and Boxtel's drive.
The giant Jas de Keistamper showed up, Boxtel. 04/27/2018
Crowed day in the Garden of Europe, Keukenhof. 04/21/2018
Crowed day in the Garden of Europe, Keukenhof. 04/21/2018
"Vloggeln" traditional Easter procession, Ootmarsum. 04/01/2018
March For Our Lives, Brussels. 03/24/2018
National demonstration against racism, Brussels. 03/24/2018
Demonstration against racism and discrimination, Amsterdam. 03/18/2018
Demonstration A light for Syria, Utrecht. 03/15/2018
Primary school teachers demonstrated Amsterdam. 03/14/2018
International women's day march, Brussels. 08/03/2018
Demonstration Human wave for solidarity and humanity, Brussels. 02/25/2018
Rose Monday Parade, Dusseldorf. 02/12/2018
Demonstration "Stop Turkish Invasion in Afrin", The Hague. 02/10/2018
Geert Wilders and his far-Right Party for Freedom (PVV) held a demonstration, Rotterdam. 01/20/2018
Thousands of Belgians rally for Théo Franken's resignation, Brussels. 01/13/2018
The traditional New Year's dive on the beach of Spiegelwaal, Nijmegen. 01/01/2018
Demonstration against Jerusalem as capital of Israel, The Hague. 12/12/2017
Krampus Run, Munich. 12/10/2017
Pegida and Anti-Pegida groups confrontation, Nijmegen. 11/26/2017.
Opening Festive Season, Amsterdam. 11/16/2017
Anonymous Million Mask March, Amsterdam. 11/05/2017
Zombie Walk, Arnhem. 10/26/2017
Protest for an access to abortion rights everywhere in Europe, Brussels. 09/28/2017
Redhead Days Festival, Breda. 09/02/2017
International Four Days Marches, Nijmegen. 07/20/2017
Ratha Yatra, Rotterdam. 06/25/2017
Holy Blood Procession in Boxmeer. 06/18/2017
3rd edition of the Dog Parade 010, Rotterdam. 05/20/2017
Liberation day parade, Wageningen. 05/05/2017