Romy Fernandez
People’s Vote march, London. 10/19/2019
Street Art, London. 10/18/2019
Dutch farmers occupied the center of The Hague. 10/16/2019
Protest against Turkish invasion of Rojava, Cologne. 10/10/2019
Large-scale blockade by XR activists on the Museumbrug, Amsterdam. 10/07/2019
World Living Statues Festival, Arnhem. 10/05/2019
Climate activists are sailing to COP25 in Chile, from Amsterdam. 10/02/2019
International Kite Festival, Scheveningen. 09/28/2019
Demonstration against Bolsonaro, at the Brazilian embassy, The Hague. 09/25/2019
Airborne Memorial Service at War Cemetery, Oosterbeek. 09/22/2019
Military vehicle parade during the recreation of OMG 'Route South', Veghel. 09/14/2019
International march in solidarity with the Sudanese revolution, The Hague. 09/11/2019
Climate march, Rotterdam during the World Harbor Days Festival. 09/08/2019
Protest against the cuts on education, Leiden. 09/02/2019.
Alms offering event, Nijmegen. 08/25/2019
Demonstration in support of the Amazon, Amsterdam. 08/23/2019
Flowertime Festival, Brussels. 08/14/2019
Antwerp Pride. 08/10/2019
Demonstration against the burqa ban in The Netherlands, The Hague. 08/09/2019
Canal Parade, Amsterdam. 08/03/2019
Eight years of Revolution in Syria demonstration, Amsterdam. 03/16/2019.
Sex workers demonstration, Amsterdam. 04/13/2019
Extinction Rebellion (XR) action, The Hague. 04/15/2019
Don't let refugees drown demonstration, Amsterdam. 04/21/2019
Commemoration of the Armenian genocide, Amsterdam. 04/24/2019
The Cube of Truth demonstration, Amsterdam. 05/11/2019
Rights now demonstration, Brussels. 05/12/2019
Belgian Pride Parade, Brussels. 05/18/2019
Yellow-vest protesters clash on European election day, Brussels. 05/26/2019
Demonstration in support of Carola Rackete, Amsterdam. 07/04/2019
Ratha Yatra procession, Rotterdam. 07/25/2019