Romy Fernandez
Corona Routine ongoing photo reportage, Nijmegen. 12/19/2020
Demonstration against racism and extreme right-wing intimidation, The Hague. 12/06/2020
Red Rebels getting ready for the Climate lawsuit against Shell, The Hague. 12/01/2020.
Climate activists organized a 'Circus protest', Utrecht. 11/27/2020.
A different St. Nicholas arrival on a bus tour, Boxtel, The Netherlands. 11/29/2020.
Extinction Rebellion disruptive action outside of the EZK building, The Hague. 11/17/2020.
Anti-Black Piet protest, on the day of St. Nicholas entry, Breda, Netherlands. 11/14/2020.
Peruvians in The Netherlands protest against Peru's new president, Amsterdam. 11/15/2020.
Protest in solidarity with Polish women was held, Eindhoven, Netherlands. 11/08/2020.
Protest against abortion ban In Poland, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. 11/04/2020.
Protest against abortion ban In Poland, The Hague. 10/28/2020.
International Cube Day, Amsterdam. 11/07/2020.
Armenian community protest against Israel's arms deliveries to Azerbaijan, The Hague. 10/16/2020
Disruptive action against Shell at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, The Hague. 10/12/2020
The launch of 'Nopulence', the first activist clothing collection by XR, Amsterdam. 09/26/2020
Extinction Rebellion’s Civil Discobedience, Amsterdam. 09/19/2020
Extinction Rebellion organizes a large-scale blockade in Zuidas, Amsterdam. 09/18/2020
Belgian health care staff massive demonstration, Brussels. 09/13/2020
Demonstration for the evacuation of the Moria refugee camp, Utrecht. 09/11/2020
Demonstration 'Freedom for Uyghurs', The Hague. 08/20/2020
New Extinction Rebellion climate campaign, The Hague. 09/01/2020
Demonstration in defense of the indigenous people's rights worldwide, Amsterdam. 08/09/2020
Protest against Anti Black Queer & Trans Violence, Amsterdam. 07/25/2020
Demonstration against the deportations back to Sudan, The Hague. 07/14/2020
'Blood on your hands' Animal Rebellion action, Amsterdam. 07/18/2020
The 25th commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide, The Hague. 07/11/2020
Black Lives Matter children demonstration, Diemen. 06/25/2020
Refugee Lives Matter demonstration, Amsterdam. 06/20/2020
Demonstration in solidarity with Palestine, Amsterdam. 06/14/2020
Second massive Black Lives Matter protest, Amsterdam. 06/10/2020
Solidarity protest against anti-black violence, Amsterdam. 06/01/2020
Stop the refugee crisis demonstration, Utrecht. 03/04/2020
Demonstration against the abuse of Greyhounds and Podenco in Spain, Amsterdam. 02/02/2020
XR artistic march during the Amsterdam Light Festival, Amsterdam. 01/18/2020
March Against Human Rights Violations in Latin America, Amsterdam. 12/10/2019
St.Martin's Day parade, Utrecht. 11/09/2019
International Kite Festival, Scheveningen. 09/28/2019
International march in solidarity with the Sudanese revolution, The Hague. 09/11/2019
Protest against the cuts on education, Leiden. 09/02/2019.