Romy Fernandez
Second massive Black Lives Matter protest, Amsterdam. 06/10/2020
Black Lives Matter protest, Utrecht. 06/05/2020
Solidarity protest against anti-black violence, Amsterdam. 06/01/2020
Corona routine ongoing photo-reportage. 2020
Mouth masks mandatory on public transport in The Netherlands. 06/01/2020
Empty Amsterdam during Coronavirus situation. 03/23/2020
Indian Holi Festival celebrated, The Hague. 03/10/2020
Women's march, Amsterdam. 03/08/2020
Red Rebel brigade performing during opening Book Week, Amsterdam. 03/06/2020
Stop the refugee crisis demonstration, Utrecht. 03/04/2020
Demonstration against the abuse of Greyhounds and Podenco in Spain, Amsterdam. 02/02/2020
De Metworst, the age-old horse race in The Netherlands. 02/24/2020
Carnival traditional mass, Boxmeer. 02/23/2020
New protest campaign by the Dutch farmers, The Hague. 02/19/2020
Shell must fall action, Amsterdam University. 01/30/2020
XR artistic march during the Amsterdam Light Festival, Amsterdam. 01/18/2020
Extinction Rebellion solidarity demonstration with Australia, The Hague. 01/16/2020
National Holocaust monument 'Light of Life' unveiled in Rotterdam. 01/16/2020
Remembrance for the Murder of Camilo Catrillanca, Amsterdam. 11/14/2019
First-ever nationwide hospital strike in the Netherlands. 11/20/2019
Not gay enough demonstration, The Hague. 11/26/2019
Anti Black-Piet rally, Eindhoven. 11/30/2019
Extinction Rebellion action during the warning siren, The Netherlands. 12/02/2019
March Against Human Rights Violations in Latin America, Amsterdam. 12/10/2019
Supporters of Aung San Suu Kyi rally, The Hague. 12/11/2019
Greenpeace mass action at the Schiphol airport, Amsterdam. 12/14/2019
Torchlight Procession, Eindhoven. 12/24/2019
Demonstration in solidarity with the Uyghurs, Amsterdam. 12/29/2019
New Year's climate dive on the beach of Spiegelwaal, Nijmegen. 01/01/2020
St.Martin's Day parade, Utrecht. 11/09/2019
National teachers' strike in The Netherlands. 11/06/2019
World Living Statues Festival, Arnhem. 10/05/2019
International Kite Festival, Scheveningen. 09/28/2019
Demonstration against Bolsonaro, at the Brazilian embassy, The Hague. 09/25/2019
Airborne Memorial Service at War Cemetery, Oosterbeek. 09/22/2019
International march in solidarity with the Sudanese revolution, The Hague. 09/11/2019
Protest against the cuts on education, Leiden. 09/02/2019.
Flowertime Festival, Brussels. 08/14/2019
Don't let refugees drown demonstration, Amsterdam. 04/21/2019
The Cube of Truth demonstration, Amsterdam. 05/11/2019
Sex workers demonstration, Amsterdam. 04/13/2019