Romy Fernandez


I’m Romy (b.1981), a Spanish freelance photojournalist based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

I started with analog photography when I was studying Higher Technician in Graphic Design (2000-2002), in the School of Arts in Zaragoza, Spain.
Photography has always been my passion, now it’s more than that, it’s my work, my life.

During my years in the School of Arts I learnt the power of image. Later I decided to reoriented my career and use my skills as a photographer to portrait the society in my surroundings and rise consciousness about social issues all around the world. During the last years I found the way to do so working as a published freelance photojournalist.

Since 2016 I’m working as a stringer photographer for several International news agencies like NURPhoto Agency, SIPA USA, SOPA Images and AFP.
Thanks to these agencies, my photos can be seen in some of the most important International News Agencies, like Getty, AP Images, Zuma Press, etc.
I’m a member of NVJ, this is The Dutch Association of Journalists also it’s the oldest trade union and professional association of The Netherlands.

Also, I belong to the IFJ, the International Federation of Journalists which is the world’s largest organization of journalists.

When I’m not covering news locally, nationally and internationally, I am committed to pursuing all kind of photo reportages that can tell a story, a life, something to learn about it.
For me, a photo must tell more than a simple image, it must to tell a story, capture a feeling.
I feel a passion for people. People as individuals, people as part of different collectives, and how our differences mixed up and fit in our society. Photography is the tool that allows me to see through the eyes of others, travel unnoticed and share moments of intimacy with them, and humbly grasp the surface of this tangled complexity.

Feel free to contact me, if you have any question, suggestion, a story to tell, or a professional assignment.
I’m available 24/7, in The Netherlands and abroad.