Romy Fernandez
May 18th, Brussels. The 24th Belgian Pride parade took place in Brussels. The Pride Parade kicked off at 13:45 pm from the Pride Village on Mont des Arts, and was lead by Cesár Sampson, a singer in last year’s Eurovision. The theme of the Belgian Pride 2019 is 'All for One'. More than 100,000 people attended the event and the parties around the center of the town.
Rachael Moore, coordinator from Rainbowhouse organization.
Philippe Close, Mayor of the city of Brussels, acompannied by Katharina Kacerovsky, managing director of Pride Viena 2019 and Moritz Yvon, from the European Pride Organisers Association.
Cesár Sampson, who represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
President of The Belgian Pride, Cyrille Prestianni.