Romy Fernandez
February 10th, The Hague. A demonstration was held in The Hague on Saturday to protest Turkey's attack on Afrin and to show solidarity with their Kurdish brethren. Several organizations in The Netherlands like HDK-Nederland, Hak-Der, HTIF, VEKSAV, GORAN, ADHK, YNK, DEMNED, SYKP condemns the Turkish invasion of Afrin region in the north of Syria and invites the international community to take immediate action to stop it. This invasion is spreading destruction of the war in Syria into Afrin which has remained as a relatively safe area until recently. At least 52 civilians, including children and women, have been killed due to airstrikes and shelling of villages and towns.
The Turkish embassy in The Hague surrounded by the Dutch police.
Some of the protesters screaming in front of the Turkish embassy.