Romy Fernandez
November 6th, The Hague. A national teachers’ strike went ahead after unions said their demands for extra funding for the sector had not been met. Thousands of teachers gathered in several cities around the country to demand the wage gap between primary and secondary schools to be closed, and their workload to be reduced. The House of Representatives (De Tweede Kamer) will discuss the education budget that same day. In The Hague, several events took place. Thousands of teachers could watch broadcast the education budget discussion taking place at the House of Representatives (De Tweede Kamer) close where the teachers were gathered. A massive demonstration took place also in The Hague, where several Dutch politicians gave speeches.
Lilian Marijnissen from the political party, SP.
Lodewijk Asscher from the political party, PvDA.
Jesse Klaver from the political party, Groen Links.