Romy Fernandez
The Netherlands is the only country in Europe that commemorates the victims of the Second World War and celebrates its liberation on two separate but consecutive days. On 4 May they remember the dutch victims of wartime, with several ceremonies. And on May 5th is the day that they celebrate their freedom with music Festivals and the Liberation parade in Wageningen.
Remembrance Day celebrated in Nijmegen.
Mayor of Nijmegen, Hubert Bruls and Rabbijn M. Levine duirng the ceremony the "Kitty de Wijze", a monument that it has become the symbol of the Jewish in Nijmegen who were deported and never come back.
Ceremony inside the St. Stephen's Church in Nijmegen.
From St. Stephen's Church a silent procession took the streets to the "Keizer Traianusplein", where two monuments in remember of the victims of the WWII stand up.
The official ceremony started with two minutes of silence, after that, Mayor of Nijmegen Hubert Bruls, gave a speech remembering the victims and the facts happened during the war.
Mayor of Nijmegen, Hubert Bruls.
On May 5th in Wageningen. This city, also knows like the ‘City of Liberation’, is especially connected to the remembrance days here on 4 and 5 May, as the capitulation which ended World War II in the Netherlands was signed in the town’s Hotel de Wereld in 1945.
During the Liberation day, The Liberation Parade or the Bevrijdingsdefilé in Dutch, is celebrated each year, and reunites veterans and military successors to pay tribute to all those who gave their lives during the WWII. Also veterans of second and third generations were present.