Romy Fernandez
April 5th, The Hague. Hundreds of people gathered at the Malieveld. From there, they walked to the headquarters of the oil and gas industry company Shell to make a delivery of more than 13,000 signatures from Dutch citizens backing the lawsuit. This would be a new legal approach in battling climate change, the first lawsuit to directly challenge the business model and growth strategy of an oil company. Seven environmental and human rights organizations in the Netherlands were prepared to sue Royal Dutch Shell if the oil giant refuses to align its business model with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Police officers and Shell's security were present by without intervening.
Donald Pols director of Milieudefensie, a Dutch environmental organisation and Roger Cox, lawyer for Dutch climate group Milieudefensie.
Hundreds of people posing with the list of signatures against Shell, in front of the building of Shell, in The Hague.
Boxes full with summons against Shell.