Romy Fernandez
February 23rd, Boxmeer. The three crazy Carnival days are traditionally opened with the carnival mass at the St. Petrusbasiliek, in Boxmeer city located in the region of North Brabant where Carnival is very celebrated. The Prince and Youth Prince and princess of the Carnival are present, the farmer couple, and the King of the Metworst, all of them surrounded by hundreds of Boxmeer Carnival lovers. The service also has many musical intermezzos. After the service, the farmer couple is 'unconnected' in real life. The farmer's wedding is one of the Dutch carnival traditions.
Youth princes and princesses.
De Metworst jockeys.
The lovely couple Toon and Carien celebrated their un-wedding in the presence of friends and relatives, and hundreds of people wearing their best costumes for the traditional occasion.
The Princes of Carnival.
De Metworst jockeys.