Romy Fernandez
July 21st-24th, 2020. Gelderland 2020 would be the year we would walk our first Vierdaagse, also known as the International Four Days Marches, the largest multi-day walking event in the world. We'd walk 50km per day during the four days, but due to the current health situation, the Vierdaagse was canceled. However, the KWBN organized the 'Alternatieve Vierdaagse', to which everybody could join, choosing a distance between 10 and 50 km and a route somewhere in the Netherlands. That would allow people to still have a bit of the Vierdaagse feeling while maintaining a safe distance and therefore avoiding risks.
First day, 4 AM.
The Wedren, this year just with a few walkers and the media.
Crossing the Waalbrug (the legendary bridge of Nijmegen).
The facade of a house is showing a signboard with the kilometer options walked during the Vierdaagse.
Some walkers are also walking the route carrying the Vierdaagse flag.
This man is always around the route with his cat.
Second Day.
A man that always walked the 30km route, chose this year 20km.
The second day is dedicated to the LGBTI community.
Getting ready for the third day.
Third day.
Checking the route.
This day is very known because of his seven hills, which are always a challenge for the walkers.
This year the audience was less crowded.
Four and last day,
The cats were always our early morning supporters.
This man was the four days waiting for the walkers to give them a free coffee and a place to take a break.
Some walkers decided to walk the route in the opposite direction.
This year the pontoon bridge hasn't been set up over the River Meuse at Cuijk, so walkers must take the ferry to cross it.
Arriving at Nijmegen, walking the famous Via Gladiola.
The finish line, with some walkers. Normally this place would be crowded with walkers.
Next year 50km per day...